You may have read my last blog when I wrote about spending the day in my office comforting a dying dog – Sebastian. Well, Stephen did take him to the vet that evening and sad though we were to say good bye we know that, according to our neighbour, Sebastian is better off in the “Big Kennel in the Sky”.

But what about his younger mate he left behind – Wesley? Wesley was utterly distraught and for 24 hours non-stop he searched for Sebastian. We took prompt action. Wesley’s lovely breeder, already on the alert, had a little brother ready for us. So, the week-end after we returned from our trip to South Africa we drove to Loughborough to meet, greet and ferret LOXLEY away with us – a happy match indeed.

Here they are settled in together after the first day.

Wesley and puppy








My DAD and the value of THANKFULNESS
I am in the throes of rounding off my biography on Daddy – Frederick Cope –
ONE MAN THREE LIVES – The man who would never give up

On reflecting on his life I am reminded of Dad’s mantra – TOTT.
“Come on you lot”, he’d say to my mother when life was rough in times of turbulent waters.

TOTT was dad’s acronym for “if there be any virtue, anything worthy of praise Think On These Things” – a quote from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Brilliant! I find it almost impossible to be defeated by fear, hardship or any malady when I am thankful for all the good things in life despite the troubled waters. Try it!

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  1. Susan Berrington says:

    Loxley, what a treasure for you xxx

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