Stephen’s message for you

“I often wonder about you kids out there who may be under a bridge, or under someone’s veranda, or sleeping in an old car, with no blankets to keep you warm. Perhaps you are saying: “I wish I had a dad and a mother. I wish I had food to eat”.

I also think about you kids in the western world. Perhaps you have lots of things but no love in your life. Perhaps you are from a broken home. Perhaps your parents are not there for you, or treat you badly. Is your best friend the TV or computer games? Are you feeling lonely and lost and don’t know why you are here? Do you sometimes think that life is not worth living?

I understand. I’ve been there, and I want to tell you this: I found hope, in a hopeless situation. I found help, when all seemed helpless. I found life, laughter and love when I discovered I was loved by the man called Jesus.

As you read From a Street Kid remember, you have a friend who understands and is praying for you.”

Stephen Lungu

S Lungu holding Chicken up img_0308

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