Beyond my vision!

As I said in my last blog … I was sitting in my study reading Out of the Black Shadows. I put it aside momentarily and my eyes fell on this verse in the Old Testament:
Joel 1:3: Tell this to your children, and let your children tell it to their children, and their children to the next generation. That settled it! I took to my computer and wrote to Stephen Lungu …

Some years later I received this email from my friend Juliet Calcott of the Vaalwater, Limpopo region in South Africa:

After distributing 450 copies of your book, we are now embarking on a mission in Vaalwater involving 5 churches, 5 schools, two orphanages, and a welfare society. It is really exciting as nothing like this has ever happened in our area before.

And so it was that Stephen Lungu was invited and spoke to some thousands of children in the region as in this photograph. Way beyond my vision!

Kids listening to Stephen Lungu

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