Meeting a Milestone

After decades of dreaming I’d do IT; five years of intensive research on IT and three years of writing IT, a milestone is met! The first draft is done and I am about to hibernate on a Greek Island to recharge! So then, what is IT?

IT is the biography on my father’s life:
One Man Three Lives – The man who would never give up
Book Cover
It seems a universal phenomenon that kids grow up taking their parents for granted – the old folks; they ‘don’t understand me…’ While their offspring rarely appreciate just who they are and what it is they have been through and made them who they are. I am no exception. Writing this book is a long, long adventure discovering just who it is who bred me and brought me up.

Frederick Cope was quite a man who’d been through more than quite a lot. Over and over again he’d experienced how quickly things can change.


The book spells it out:
Fred, a successful Yorkshire businessman was bankrupt.
He looked for a solution.
Fred, a respected consultant in China was imprisoned.
He focussed on survival.
Fred, a South African Farmer, the farm burnt out.

This account of the full blown optimist who would never be defeated holds messages of expectation, reality and hope. I trust readers will be captivated, motivated and presented with hope and meaning when life is tough

There are a few more milestones ahead but hopefully publication will be later this year – to be announced on my website:


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