A Picture speaks a thousand words

In the book From a Street Kid the stunning illustrations by Niko Petropouleas illuminate the remarkable true-life story of Stephen Lungu.

From a Street Kid

Abandoned in a market place


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Check out my book trailer on YouTube

‘From a Street Kid’ is a book mainly for children but also appeals to adults. It is the astonishing true-life story of Stephen Lungu. Available in Paperback & Kindle. See the trailer to enjoy the superb illustrations by Niko Petropouleas.


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Welcome to my blog!

Hello! It is good to meet you. I hope here you will find, and continue to find, much that is of interest to you. Right now, at the start of my ‘new broom’ year I am focussed on writing as I plan to launch three new books during the year. The first is the second edition of a self-help book on how to avoid, or to overcome Repetitive Strain Injury. The second One Man Three Lives is the motivating biography of a man who never gave up even in the most harmful situations – instead he created positive solutions. The last, Quiet Kumalo, currently being illustrated, is a prize-winning children’s’ short story set in rural southern Africa. It provides a model for children to believe in themselves.


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